Our wishart clinic is now open!We are excited to announce that we have opened our purposely fitted clinic at Wishart. We will continue to service our wider community and strive for the best clinical care. We welcome all doctor referrals and walk-in clients.
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DolorClast® Shockwave

We are now offering The Swiss DolorClast® Radial Shockwave at Gentle Podiatry in 2023! DolorClast Shockwave is the latest, non-invasive, and most powerful shockwave technology that is highly effective in treating Plantar Fasciopathy and Achilles Tendinopathy. Do you have heel pain? Have you tried other treatments and not working? DolorClast Shockwave…

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Lunula Cold Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Lunula Cold Laser is the latest technology that treats your fungal nails. Low-level cold laser technology that offers no pain, no risk and no downtime. Erchonia™s Lunula Laser is proven to be the easy effective way to restore clear healthy nails again. Do you have fungal nail infection? Have you tried…

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SWIFT Wart Therapy

We are excited to provide Swift Microwave Wart Therapy services at Gentle Podiatry. SWIFT is the latest and most revolutionary medical microwave technology that is highly effective at resolving warts, verrucae or papillomas. Do you have stubborn warts? Have you tried other treatments and not working? SWIFT wart therapy has…

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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Our podiatrist are expert in Ingrown toenail surgery at Gentle Podiatry. We use minimal invasive technique and sterile single use instrument ensuring optimal clinical outcome, fast recovery and permanent fix. Do you have painful ingrown toenail? Have you tried other treatments and not working? Ingrown Toenail Surgery is highly effective!…

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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics are custom shoe inserts designed to support, align and improve foot function. At Gentle Podiatry we use the latest 3D foot scanning technology ensures a quick turnaround time for accurate, comfortable and functional foot orthotics. Anyone suffering from a chronic foot or lower limb conditions that is limiting…

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Children’s Podiatry

GaitScan™ system is industry leading technology that provides a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation for your child. Our podiatrist understands every child is unique and we ensure the best option for their development. Does your kid have foot problem? Have you tried other treatment and not working? Our podiatrist is highly experienced…

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Diabetic Footcare

Having diabetes can cause damage to the nerve in your feet, blood circulation and infection. It also increases your risk of foot ulcers and amputations. At Gentle Podiatry, we use the latest technology and evidence-based guidelines foot assessments: Neurological Assessment (nerves) Vascular Assessment (circulation) Plantar Pressure Assessment (pressure area) Footwear…

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Gentle Podiatry

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We can bulk bill Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral from your doctor.

We can bulk bill Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) referral from your doctor.

We accept work cover claims and will work closely with your case manager throughout your recovery period.

We accept all NDIS patients and claims.

We are member of Australian Podiatry Association

We have on-the-spot payment processing for all Private health fund claims.